Could Your Passion For Food Be More Than A Hobby?

If you’re a foodie, then the chances are that at some point or another, the idea of turning your passion for food into a business has crossed your mind. The great thing about food is that it’s so versatile and there are so many different ways that you could start working in the industry. In case the idea of turning your passion for food into more than a hobby takes your fancy, below are some ideas for how to go about doing that.


Start a food blog


Greek Spinach Pie-2

There might already be thousands of well-established food blogs out there, but don’t let that put you off. If you’ve got a passion for food and a skill for writing, then starting a food blog could be the perfect way to turn your love of food into more than a hobby. Yes, at first it may take time to get the ball rolling and start making some money. But if you stick at it, there’s great potential for success. To give yourself the best chance of success, start local. Review local restaurants and eateries and get yourself known in the area. Then, as your blog becomes more popular, you can start to branch out.


Become a caterer


No Bake Oat Bars-11

Becoming a caterer doesn’t necessarily mean catering events like weddings and parties. There are lots of other routes that you can go down. However, catering events like these can be a good place to start, as the money is good and there’s high potential for success. Obviously, to start a wedding catering business, you won’t just need a mouthwatering menu, but also the right equipment. This will need to include things like a catering tent, complete with surfaces, a fridge, and an oven. Tablecloths are also a must, such as these high quality tablecloths from Richard Haworth. Things like pretty crockery, stylish cutlery, and unique table decorations are also important.


If the idea of this type of catering doesn’t appeal to you, how about investing in a pop-up stall for markets, festivals, and other events? This offers a more affordable way into the catering business and guarantees a more varied career. Plus, pop-ups are ideal for using to experiment with and try out new recipes and ideas.


Create recipes


Curried Cabbage-9


Do you enjoy nothing more than sitting down and coming up with new recipes to try out in the kitchen? Whether you’ve got a knack for making pasta dishes, love baking, or are crazy about ice cream, you could create a recipe book to share your ideas. Obviously, this can be expensive to do. So to test the waters, perhaps it could be worth putting together an ebook first? As that way, you can get an idea of how successful you could potentially be.


There are so many different ways that you can work with food; it’s just a case of working out which option is best for you. If you’ve always had a love of food, then finding a way to make a career out of it could just be the best thing that you’ve ever done.

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The Freelance Stationery Edit

I’ve been a freelancer for a while. Sometimes it is design work, sometimes it’s writing, sometimes it is social media and sometimes it’s photography. I have a ‘tool kit’ that I tend to take to most places with me. It is massively important that they are lightweight and I can pack them in any bag I am using, from a hand bag to a rucksack.
My essentials come down to a good pen, then buy three of the same one because I will certainly lose one. I’ve also been in meetings where someone has needed a spare one.

Notebook, again buy more than one of the same type once you find one that you like. I am a firm fan of a paper covered notebooks, they are light and easy to carry. I tend to pick them in bright colours, I find that helps get my creative juices going. They don’t have to be expensive to be beautiful either.

Folders! I carry a lot of reports, paperwork, samples and so on with me. A good folder, preferably a display style one, so I can find what I am looking for nice and quickly.

Sticky Notes. During a meeting, when items might be noted by priority, I use a different colour to mark them, similarly I will mark projects that require more than one person, a location or time amount with different colours. It’s an easy system and makes my workflow smoother.

Coloured pens and pencils, I absolutely need. When you are designing something it really helps to use to various colours that you are considering to get a feel for the work. I like to draw it up by hand first, then transfer to my computer later on. I also find using coloured pens during brainstorming makes it more interesting.

A good book. I have a much-loved copy of The Art of Was and I highly recommend it. The Works has a lot of great books so you won’t have too much trouble finding something to suit your tastes.


*Prices correct at time of publishing, this post is a collaboration with The Works. 

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How To: Food Festival

We are avid foodies, and as such we have been to plenty of food festivals. We love world food days, vegan fests, meat festivals and seasonal ones too. During that time we’ve gotten much better at knowing what to bring and how to navigate the food festival.

Here are five quick tips for getting the most out of the festivals.

  1. Arrive early. This one is really important, there tends to be fewer people when you arrive early and you can take a more leisurely stroll around and plot out roughly what foods you want to try and the route to get to them later.
  2. Bring change. When we went to our first one, we took notes with us and at the end of the day had a stack of pound coins and fifty pence pieces. Some vendors didn’t have enough change when we tried to pay and we ended up needed to buy something from another stall and come back to pick up our food and pay. A mix of pound coins, fifty pence and fivers will do the trick here.
  3. Bring a cooler bag/lunch bag. After we have spent a few hours trying all the delicious food we want to take something home for later. The first time we went to a food fest we ended up carrying food cartons because no one had plastic bags left. Skip the hassle and bring your own!
  4. Read up in advance. If it is a drinks and food combo festival, remember that the drinks queues can be really long around midday-2pm so pick up bottles of water earlier on if you can’t get the drink you are after later. Or if you know one will be particularly popular, then be prepared to queue and one person get drinks while one gets the food – hopefully you’ll be done around the same time. Saves juggling a drink and digging for change for the food – or vice verses.
  5. Toilets. When you arrive, find the toilets. This one is really important if you have children with you.

The best thing about Food Festivals is that you can try something you might not normally try, taste flavours from different countries and it’s all freshly cooked thanks to the diesel generators that the for trucks use. I love the hum of the people eating and families choosing different dishes from various trucks, I enjoy the smells of all the different cuisines and more than all of that? I love the way that a food festival brings communities together for a few hours to enjoy each others cultural dishes.


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Finding Your Perfect Photographer with Bidvine

When you have a big event coming up, you want to search for the best photographer possible. You don’t always have time to scout and approach as many as you’d like. Bidvine takes all the leg work out of finding the best photographer for you. You fill in a super quick form with details about your corporate event, wedding, or special occasion and within minutes you have ‘bids’ from photographers in your inbox. If you want to make it quicker you can have them call you too.


This is the screenshot of the notification you will see once you submit your request and in your account section you will see a summary of the job you have posted.


That is what I posted as my available job in Birmingham. I had five quote with various prices within about half an hour. If I had tried to source those photographers myself it would’ve taken a lot longer!

I am a huge fan of the ease of this system, I really believe that when you have a job you need help with, that tools like Bidvine can make it so much easier to do. What I really appreciated is that each photographer had included their portfolio and contact details, as well as a quote. So it was easy to see the best value for money.

Bidvine isn’t just for photographers either, they have a whole host of services – so you can always find what you need.

Collaborative post, thoughts and opinions my own. 

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My Busy-Mum Essentials

It might be a bit of a cliché but I think having a set of essential products makes my life a bit easier. We home-ed eldest, middle kid goes to school, and a toddler. I’m a blogger, writer and social media manager. I have a house to keep and meals to cook. In all that I have to keep parts of myself too. I no longer have time to get my makeup perfect or my hair sleek and wonderful. Do I wish I did? Not really, I love my life. In order to minimise my getting ready for the day time, I have a list of products I couldn’t be without.


Phyto Progenium Shampoo*. I love this stuff, keeps my hair clean, I can use it daily and it smells fantastic. I have coloured hair and it’s prone to dryness, and greasy roots. this solves both problems in one go.

For conditioner I use the same brand of product I use to colour my hair. Bleach London. It’s my failsafe conditioner that can double as a treatment if you leave it in for 10 or so minutes. Legendary silky hair.



I use a ‘this works: in transit camera close up’. It’s lightweight, absorbs really quickly and I use it when I am feeling a little dry or in need of a brighten up of my skin. I have combination sensitive skin so a product that doesn’t cause a flare up or red patchy skin is hard to come but.

Vichy BB cream is my saviour when I am in a hurry but want to look bit more polished. It isn’t for everyone though, it’s gives a real illumination to the skin so if you like a matte finish, avoid this. I’ve never had dry patches or irritation with this product and have used it for over a year. My face loves it.

For brows, because mine need doing so very badly, I use Benefit Goof Proof Brow Pencil. Just a quick shaping and we are done. It’s not the perfectly faded and shaped brows that are all the rage but they frame my face and are done in a minute.

Urban Decay Perversion gives me big batty eyelashes. Quick slick and I look wide awake. I never am, but I look it.



Hema deodorant. I got into the habit when I was living in NL and am still doing it now we have one in Birmingham. I love the smell and it keeps my stink free all day.


The Phyto Progenium Shampoo was very generously gifted to me by The Harley Street Hair Clinic.

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